Nail clippers FUNCTIONAL

The multi-billion dollar-a-year industry of promotional products has so many products it can be overwhelming. While budget, trends, and timing are important considerations in selecting your promotional products, an advertising specialty that works to mainatin your image and contact information in front of your client for an extended period of time is what is essential. The picture here of the nail clipper/file/scissors set is a promotional product I received from a vendor more than 35 years ago. And I still carry it with me in my briefcase and use it regularly. So, that vendor landed on a  product that worked: it kept his name in front of me for a long period of time because the promotional product continued to be useful. While not all examples will have that lengthy a shelf life, the axiom of "form follows function" is something to remember when determining the priority of your marketing expenditures for promotional products.

Secondarily, there are other aspects of the product that are important to consider, illustrated by just a few of the many products we can supply.If you are interested in the other sevral hundered thousand products available, click on any of these pictures or here to check out our promotional product search engine. 


    Koozies  VALUE

Economy doesn't always mean cheapest. Its best meaning is "value", that sometimes elusive characteristic that defines the intersection between cost and success. Again, finding an affordable price point that also provides a product that will enjoy regular usage is the key to making best use of your promtional product budget. KOOZIES like those pictured here, are an example of a product that is relatively inexpensive but offers continued usage by your client or prospect. We specialize in KOOZIES and offer many sizes and shapes along imprinting from one color to full color. If you have a project coming up where you think KOOZIES will be a great solution, Click here and tell us a bit about the project to get started. Or ask us about other products that offer similar value.



With new promotional product options coming on line every day, its easy to get drawn into some of the newer, more exotic products. And those can sometimes be just what you need to make the most memorable impression on a group of clients. We would be happy to help you with that unique, one-of-a-kind promotion. At the same time, prospects have the greatest response to items that are immensely practical. Pens are just such an item, and there are a huge number of pen options on the market. Most pens are now manufactured overseas and so you will need someone like Hamor Printing to guide you in finding the best quality pens and the most reasonable turnarounds to fit your program. There is nothing worse than handing a client a pen that doesn't write well. Its an immediate poor reflection on the giver. So let us help with pens or any other similar product that offers that practical solution. Click here to tell us a little about your writing product (or any other product) needs. 



The final thing you want with a product that is promoting an impression of your business or organization, is permanence. That's where products like drinkware come in. Like many other products, there are numerous options available in this popular product and you need a vendor who not only can help you wade through all the possibilities and prices, but also who knows how best to imprint, handle and ship fragile products like mugs. While these tend to represent a bit more expensive part of the promotional product spectrum, a beautiful mug (or set of mugs!) with your logo or image will be a constant reminder of your marketing message while your client or prospect is drinking their morning tea or coffee (possibly from customized packaged tea and coffee that we can also provide). Click here to tell us a little about your next project that requires that type of permanence of message.