banner retractor BANNER RETRACTORS

One of the most effective and affordable ways to display a maxmimum amount of advertising information in a limited amount of space is with our banner retractors. We produce both the banner and provide the retractor hardware in which we mount your banner. You simply set the retractor on the floor and pull the vertical banner upward to its fullest extension. We offer economy (good for a few uses) versions all the way up to deluxe versions with the capability to interchange your banners as needed and use over and over again, or to display banners on both sides for those places where you have foot traffic coming from two directions. All our retractors come with free bags to carry all the hardware and literally set up in seconds. Click here to tell us a little about your banner needs that can be best met with a banner retractor.


As you take a look at some of the other items below, remember that these are but a few of the display system solutions we offer. Click on any of the pictures to check out the online products available through our manufacturing partners.



Anyone who has even the smallest trade show booth is going to, at the bare minimum, have a table for products, brochures and promotional product giveaways (we handle those advertising specialty products as well, click here to find out). What better way to draw attention to your tables than a full color dye sublimated printed table throw (machine washable). We offer unfitted, fitted and ultra fitted styles for 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot tables. In addition, if you don't need the entire table cloth printed, we can provide a table runner with your logo or marketing message.  Click here to tell us a little about the tables you use for display and how you would like to cover them with your advertising and logo. 



For both outdoor and indoor needs, look to Hamor Printing for your tent and canopy needs. Both steel frame as well as anodized aluminum frame models, featuring full color dye sublimation printing on one side or all four, this tent will not only shelter you from the elements but make a dramatic graphic statement as well. And you can combine back and side walls (full size and half size) to better enclose your space, with the wallsprinted in matching design. Click here to tell us a little about your tent/canopy needs. 

    floor displays-2  FLOOR DISPLAYS

Printed fabric is all the rage now and no one does it better than our manufacturing partners with high quality dye sublimation printing. Whether its a modular frame design or a simple smooth contoured back wall, we have you covered, including covering your "back" with two sided walls.  Click here to tell us a little about your trade show booth needs. 





If you want to make a big statement or are looking for maximum impact with minimum baggage, take a look at our LED backlit illuminated floor displays and our inflatable tables and displays. These are the very newest products in the industry and are certain to make your advertising or marketing message noticeable to the max in your  booth or lobby. Click here to tell us a little about eye-popping display needs.